Millie is my senior movie at college. I worked on it in direction, visual development, storyboard and animation. 

Direction, concept art, storyboard, color script, layout: Israel Dilean
3D Modelling, texturing, ilumination, rig, 3d animation and post production: Cadu Soares
Sound design and mixing: Daneil Punk Barros
Dubbing: Janaína Gomes, Gutto Alves and Aida Velloso.
Lettering and credits design: Ariane Vieira
2d Animation: Israel Dilean

2d assist animation:Arielly Moraes and Gabriel D'Angelo
Clean-up: Luiz Filipe Prado, Rayanne Vieira, Hung Yi Li, Eduardo Bruekers, Ana Carolina Barrionovo and David Lucas

Credits illustration: Israel Dilean and Rayanne Vieira

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