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Hi! nice to see you here!

My name is Israel Dilean

At the momment I'm 2D Lead artist at Room8Group.

I work with Visual Development and Narrative Design.

My focus is style exploration and documentation for art guides and world building.

Call me if you need help to go throght your pre-production.

I have experience with layout direction, mentorship for artists, QA, art Lead, prop direction, art direction and direction for short animated movies.

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Personal Projects


Graphic Detective - Game Pitch

This is a game pitch I created to develop my art direction, narrative, and game concept art skills!
You're welcome to see the video in my bio to understand what the game is about. There are subtitles in English.
It was made as my final project for the fundamentals art course at Skilltree.
Thanks to Ester Barbosa for the help in the UI/UX
Thanks to JP Pasollini for the original soundtrack

Pitch projeto final contenda.png
00_ Millie logo.png


This is the first movie I directed, it still have a  impact on the way I lead projects.

Years Later I redesign the characters to see my improvement. You can see the new design below.

Personagens iluminart 2.png
Elisia 01_05_edited.jpg

Mememento Illuminart High School

Project to train character concept and design.