Hello, Nice to see you here!

I am a 2d artist who loves to help imagine and create new worlds and it's characters.

I'm working with Layout for animation and concept art for games and animations . 

Bellow you can find my personal projects. 
Also feel free to check my clients projects!



World Building of an animation whose story takes place inside a video game.

Intergatáticos is a story about cats who was crazy enought to create the first intergalatic delivery service in the 90's. And by 90's I'm obviously talking about the year 5,990. 

I'm producing this project in my spare time with the intention to turn it into a feature film or animated series in the future. For now, the goal is to create an animated short.

Character exploration for a strategy game focused in character's  stories.

Ingus is the Limbo between universes where your memories rules the shape of the enviroment.

Creatures from various universes can fall here from many different doors, but they can never leave unless they beat the Games Master.

This personal project is an in development game I'm creating with my brother.

Animation and story direction.

This is my senior movie at animation College. It is a very personal story based on my childwood. 

With the help of friends and collegues I worked on it in almost every position, from script to animation clean up.

A HUGE thanks to all who helped me making this.


Check the animation: 

Years Later I decided to revisit this universe creating a series of characters. They appear in the game I'm creating INGUS as creatures from Millie's universe.

That's all about my personal projects for now! 

Client Projects

If want to see more about my Layouts, Background art, Character designs and others, you can feel free to check my client's projects page to see what else I did for games and animations.

It would be awesome to work with you!



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Contagem - Minas Gerais - Brazil